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Our Purpose


The Bahá'í Training Centre serves the needs of the community in the United Kingdom. The venue hosts various events, training programmes, camps, conferences, seminars and meetings.

People from diverse communities work together to forge an uplifting environment of study, artistic expression and service to explore how their personal, family and neighbourhood interactions can lead to creating collaborative, supportive and happier communities.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist with the day to day running of the centre as well as for some of the events that take place here, if you would like to get involved and volunteer with us press here.

Upcoming Events


Institutional meeting CCG
8-10 December 2023
This is not an open event


Institutional meeting P&B
9-12 February 2024 
This is not an open event

45 Ploughley Rd, Lower Arncott, Bicester OX25 1NY, UK 

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